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The Holistic Groomer 

The first ever mix of practical business education and personal development program created exclusively for the Holistic Pet Groomer


Are you ready to get real?

 The Holistic Groomers BOOT CAMP

Are you ready to learn how to create the Holistic Pet Grooming Business of your dreams? Join Malissa Conti-Diener, The Oily Groomer, as she guides you through all things Holistic and Pet Grooming Business related.

In this jam-packed informative seminar series, you will learn

·         How to create your niche in the holistic grooming industry.

·         How to develop your holistic services and business practices.

·         New Age Marketing strategies. How to organically grow and market your business without spending a fortune.

·         Understand how to grow your client list. Learn the skills to retain and maintain your valued clients.

·         Create a plan to work as a team with other professionals in the industry so we can serve our animals the best.

·         Developing your Core Values; what is your business saying to your demographic

·         Understanding and creating a Holistic Philosophy for your business

Get my  proven method to make amazing S.T.R.I.D.E.S. in your business 

STRATEGIES on holistic pet grooming by creating your unique business development

TEAM approach through collaboration with your “Holistic” pet community

RESPONSIBILITY and accountability through action

INSPIRATION through goal setting and mastering

DEVELOPMENT of leadership and personal growth

EXPERTISE from an experienced holistic groomer, animal wellness advocate and business coach

SUPPORT by building community and mentorship with other Holistic Pet Professionals.

Exclusive 60 day Access to: 

  • Video Lessons 

  •  Our private Facebook group for live coaching sessions!

Exclusive LOW price only $399.00

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