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      Malissa Conti-Diener

Holistic Consultant-Mentor & Educator

       For the Pet Services Industry

Are you searching for a New and more MINDFUL way?

"The goal of mindfulness is simple – to help us connect with the absolute present moment so we may live happily and healthily in the here and now."

  • Interested in understanding how to grow your grooming business with a more holistic and organic approach?

  • If you are a home groomer, house call stylist, mobile mogul, salon owner, or are a multi-national chain, I can help you reduce your footprint on the earth, gain balance and understanding of your goals all while making your own unique mark in the Pet Grooming Industry. 

  • Please contact me so we can set up a meeting and bring balance and prosperity to your life!.

Areas covered include:


With a strong passion for advancing the animal-human bond, I made it my mission to create trusting animal relationships, compassionate care, and kinder, gentler pet grooming practices. I was raised in a home that was never short of pets. Dogs and Cats always held a special place in my heart. My life’s’ ambition is to continue to teach Holistic feline and canine grooming and the adjunct therapeutic methods I have developed over 20 years. You can usually find me diffusing, grooming, practicing yoga, teaching, learning, blogging, and loving the life I am creating through a mindful & balanced approach.

Compassionate animal care services

Feline & Canine Grooming 1 on 1 tutor, Class instructor, Curriculum development

Personal Guidance *Coaching* for Future Goals and Desires

Tools to meet your ambitions head on with results. 

Adjunct Animal Therapeutics

Massage * Reiki *Aromatherapy*Crystals

Educational Opportunities

Seminars-Webinars for Pet Professionals in healing 

Crystals - Herbs - E.O.'s & More....

Holistic Pet Business consulting Services

Business Plans, Budgets, Retail, Forms and more....

Golden Chakra

Spiritual & Metaphysical Development & Leadership

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