Commercial/Large Group Learning 

For Grooming salons,schools, Pet Groomers, Pet Trainers, Vet Techs, Breed Clubs, 4-H, FFA, Pet Parents or any large pet loving group:

I offer two different style learning opportunities:

  • Workshops: These are hands on learning with product samples and D.I.Y. projects to create and then take with you when the workshop is over. We call these Creative workshops. Workshops consist of Theory or lecture time and then creative time. You determine the length of time you would like the workshop to be held. I can do just a few hours up to a series (2-4 classes a month) work shop. All workshops come with all product samples, and all items needed to create the D.I.Y. Projects, as well as a certificate of completion for the workshop. Cost is dependent on length of the workshop and what we are doing as a hands on also travel expenses.

  • Seminars: Are a lecture style class. You determine the length of time you would like the class to be held. I can do just a few hours, all day or a series (2-4 classes per month) seminar series. At the end of the class all participants will be given a certificate of completion. Cost is dependent on length of the class and travel expenses. 

  • For a full list of Suggested Topics please email me at  or use the contact form below. 

Topics for either Workshops or Seminars can be tailored to what your group is interested in with Pets, Pet Grooming, Essential Oils, Yoga Practice (good groomer ergonomics), Pet Massage or Business or Team Building.


These are in depth educational seminars for pet professionals and pet enthusiasts.  

If you would like to host a group educational workshop or lecture series please contact me at the form below so we can discuss your needs.   

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