Host a Young Living Oil Party

Host an Oil Party

Hosting an oil party is FREE and FUN! You get your friends or group together and I come out and introduce everyone to Young Living Oils and products. I provide all the samples, answer questions and lead the games and bring the prizes. You provide the place and the refreshments, you handle the invites, RSVP's and party planning (with my help).


Sorry but you have to be local to me for me to come to your party. If you have already purchased your wholesale kit, you can host a party on your own (with my help via phone, text, email, Skype etc.) 

You can also host a D.I.Y oil party, we call these Make and Take parties. I have a great amount of projects to choose from for your party guests to create while I/we/you introduce them to the Young Living Oils and products. You provide everything for the D.I.Y. project as well as the place, party planning, invites and RSVP's (with my help of course) and the refreshments. These are great to do a Ladies Night In party or Spa Themed party, Pamper your partner and more ideas to include spouses/partners too.

Host a VIRTUAL Party on Facebook! I can help you set up this event to share your new found love and appreciation for Young Living oils with your family and friends. No one has to dress up or go out of their home. You just need to have access to a video camera that is hooked up to an internet your phone or computer camera. I will provide you will all the information and tools you need to have an awesome virtual party!

Please contact me using the form below and I would be happy to set something up with you. Let me know in the message you want more info on how to host an oil party.

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