Malissa Diener 

I am  a Certified Aromatherapist human & animals,, Master Massage Therapist for humans & animals, a Pet Groomer and Animal Wellness Advocate. I am a published author, national educator & speaker business coach, consultant to the pet grooming industry

My life has always been surrounded by a love of animals from show dogs and cats to farm animals. Essential oil therapy is a staple in my home and my practice. You can usually find me diffusing, grooming, practicing yoga, teaching, learning,blogging and loving the life I am creating through a natural homeopathic approach. For more info on me visit my sister site 

I hated my life. Yep I said it. I owned my own pet grooming salon and pet grooming school but it wasn't producing enough to pay the bills. I was over committed, over worked and underpaid, and I WAS the boss. 

I needed a change desperately. 

Coming from a natural lifestyle background as a former massage therapist I had always known that if your body, mind and spirit were not in harmony then nothing would flow correctly. I applied those principals to my customers and the pets I worked on while grooming. I just was not applying them to myself. I was stretched to my limits, exhausted and sick. I closed down my shop and school and took a new position with a pet company, as a groomer/manager, hoping it would be less stressful. Not exactly, it exploded in less than 5 years, to 36+salons in several states and managing up to 150+ pet groomers and salon support staff, developing policies, creating the grooming apprentice program, writing the training manuals, teaching the continuing education classes, developing a handbook and all salon releases, customer forms and employee paperwork. Whew, I am even out of breath thinking about it. 

After 5 years I resigned from that position to focus on what I feel is the most important. Teaching and working directly with the animals through the adjunct therapy of Aromatherapy and holistic pet grooming. I am my own boss, I am happy, I am centered and balanced. The animals and humans that cross paths with me also gain from this holistic natural approach. Most of all I am happy, doing what I love to do. 

If you would like to learn more about how you can break free from the rat race and live the life you deserve. Fill out my contact box,  and lets get you started toward Harmony and Balance in your life TODAY 

My Mission was clear to me from the very beginning. I just needed to strip away the clutter from my brain and focus. I want to help people. I have a purpose, and it's to help lead those who are seeking a way to clarity and prosperity. 

When you remove the road blocks and really look at your life, the life you want to have comes into focus. As a pet groomer, I want to share this positive energy and OILY message, with not only the people in my industry but also those I encounter each day in my life. You can learn so much from animals. They live in the moment. I want to teach you how to slow down and appreciate your life. Then we can decide how to make changes in ourselves to achieve the goals we set.  

All you need to jump in, is a hunger for freedom, a passion for natural living and a want for more prosperity in your life. Do you want to join my clan of free thinking, oil spreading, pet loving flourishing oily groomers? 

Yes then follow the menu items above to see what programs I have that can lead you to a path of self realization and positive business energy. 

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